In order to contribute to the achievement of the United Nations'  („Sustainable Development Goals“, SDGs) BABEG is also addressing the issue of sustainability.

The following projects are currently being implemented in the area of sustainability:


The build4climate project is planning and constructing a demonstration building that will be energy and environmentally beyond-state-of-the-art. It is to be the first further building in the planned expansion at the Lakeside Science & Technology Park in Klagenfurt. Functional, architectural and material innovations in building construction will be implemented. Partners of this demonstration project are OSIT Consulting & Engineering GmbH, Wietersdorfer, the Association of the Austrian Cement Industry (VÖZ), arch+more and AEE - Institute for Sustainable Technologies.



In order to build sustainable and future-proof buildings, it is necessary to build up know-how in the field of innovative and green building envelopes. For this reason, BABEG is part of the NaNu3 project together with AIT and GrünstattGrau. The aim of the exploratory project is to examine, with the help of a digital model, for which types of buildings greening makes practical and financial sense. BABEG is cooperating closely with the Landesimmobiliengesellschaft (LIM), which is contributing several use cases to the project. Building on this, a practical prototype is to be developed in a future R&D demo project.