Science Park Graz/Styria

Science Park Graz/Styria »The High Tech Incubator«

Science Park Graz was founded in 2002 and fosters creative business-minded thinking and entrepreneurial action in an academic environment. Academics from all branches of knowledge receive assistance, encouragement and support when they start-up their own innovative, knowledge-based and technology-oriented companies.

The target group for the multifaceted service provision of Science Park Graz (SPG) ranges across the spectrum of Styrian founders and successful managers alike who wish to share their experience with start-up companies. Investors can also profit from our growth-oriented companies and their innovative products and services.

Strategic cooperation to strengthening the "southern axis"

In August 2018, strategic cooperation between start-up hubs in Carinthia and Styria was established with a view to strengthening the "southern axis". An exchange of shareholdings between BABEG and Graz University of Technology and/or its shareholdings in the build! Business Incubator and the Science Park Graz will in future ensure strong ties and close cooperation in matters of start-ups and high-tech innovation in the south of Austria.

Since its establishment, 125 founding projects (as at 01/2017) have been incorporated in the coaching program of the Science Park since its foundation.

Science Park Graz is a member of the AplusB Impuls programm and BIC (Business Incubator Center) within the ESA programme.



Founding year | 2002 

Locations |  Stremayrgasse 16, 8010 Graz

Employees | 14

BABEG's share | 1 percent

Other shareholders | 49% Graz University of Technology, 29% Graz Medical University, 21% Karl-Franzens University Graz


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