The area of education includes measures to meet the demand for skilled workers.

The following projects are currently being implemented in the education sector:    

Coding School

The Coding School Wörthersee is an educational institution that aims to train young people to become independent software developers through practice-oriented and time-compressed courses. The focus is on state-of-the-art concepts and programming guidelines that are applied in the real professional world on a daily basis. 



As a technology partner of TIDZ (Theatre in the Digital Age - Dr. Bernd Liepold-Mosser), BABEG aims to raise awareness in society on the topic of drones. Especially at the interface between technology and art, BABEG sees the potential to reach new target groups in a creative way and to position itself as a networking hub in the research, technology and innovation environment. The specific project involves the involvement of the EqualiZ girls' centre in the development of a drone theatre. The young women will learn about and discuss drone technology and its use in theatre in several workshops developed together with Lakeside Park's EduLabs. This discourse aims to teach young women about technical topics in a creative way.