Technology Parks in Carinthia

Lakeside Science & Technology Park
»One and One is Eleven«

Together we are stronger.
That’s why you will find the German sentence ‘Eins und Eins ist Elf’ [one and one is eleven] at the Lakeside Park.

Science and technology parks in Carinthia are specialisation hubs. The companies situated at the Lakeside Science & Technology Park love the short routes to just about anywhere, the great infrastructure, interesting neighbourhoods and efficiency. Even the management is efficient since the Lakeside Science & Technology Park in Klagenfurt and the HighTech Campus Villach are managed by the same team.

Companies in the science & technology park

In general, the focal areas of the companies operating in the Lakeside Park can be grouped as follows: 

  • Information systems
  • Mobility and transport
  • Environment and energy
  • Engineering
  • E-business
  • E-health
  • E-marketing
  • E-media
  • Consulting and services


Research Laboratories & Further Education Institutions


More information: Lakeside Science & Technology Park
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Founding year: 2002 in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee 

Building space: 47.700 m2

Premises: 246,000 m2 

Occupancy rate: 99 percent


BABEG's share: 66,67 percent