Our Mission

building roots

anchoring | consolidating | sustaining | saving | nourishing

Our mission at Babeg Carinthian Agency for Investment Promotion and Public Shareholding is to offer support and strategic advice to foreign companies to help them set up and grow their businesses in Carinthia. We invest in non-university associations to strengthen technical research and innovations in the south of Austria. We inform and connect – beyond borders.

Our task is to spark interest in Carinthia. Our greatest capital here is the knowledge that is being developed in our educational institutions, research laboratories and science & technology parks. Knowledge that companies can benefit from – every single day.

Consulting service for businesses & technology companies

Babeg is looking for foreign companies like yours that are seeking to use and further develop the knowledge, technological developments and research that Carinthia has to offer.

Successfully setting up new companies does not mean that there are no returns to be made nor that the province is being sold out. New companies are an added benefit – for society, the research community and the economy. Our aim at Babeg is to amplify that benefit by leveraging what already exists and combining the old with the new.

And there is more to setting up new companies than simply putting a container on a green field. New companies provide society with new jobs, enhance technological expertise and give companies and research institutions access to interesting partners for cooperation.

Our Initiative for successful business consulting

Setting up new companies means transformation and movement. Our province cannot afford a standstill. Babeg focuses on communication and cooperation. Between companies, research institutions, subsidiaries and educational institutions. We promote and nourish these roots, and in doing so bring change and progress to Carinthia. That’s what we mean by ‘building roots’.

Recognising Trend | Anchoring

Babeg observes international developments and participates in discussions about technical innovations. We look into ideas and investigate their applicability in Carinthia. We do not pursue this goal alone, but cooperate closely with our owners and subsidiaries.

Setting up new companies means reducing the brain drain. The province of Carinthia takes education and training of teachers and students very seriously. Read more in our Research Blog.

Planning | Nourishing

Babeg initiates discussions with international investors and companies to strengthen Carinthia’s science and technology community. Particularly in the areas of IT (electronic components, communication & education | embedded systems | robotics), process engineering, mechanical engineering and materials research.

Informing | Saving

Babeg informs prospective businesses about the Carinthian industrial and scientific environment and regional education systems at a range of different events and face-to-face meetings. Objectively and free of charge.

We showcase Carinthia’s advantageous features and help companies to become established in no time. We are not only well-versed in Austrian tax law, but are equally great at finding employees, office space and company premises.