International B2B Software Days 2023 - the Future of Digital Business


Save the date: 08 May 2023 I The 5G Playground Carinthia is a test lab for developing and evaluating new products, applications, and processes related to next-generation communicationtechnologies such as 5G. Users have access to a modern 5G campus network and an Edge- and Cloud-based server infrastructure.


This workshop introduces the various technologies involved in realizing such a campus network and highlights the potential pitfalls when setting up andoptimizing the network. This involves - to mention a few - 4G and 5G radio, wired networks, containerization, and Cloud, Fog, and Edge computing.

Furthermore, we present how to adapt state-of-the-art applications to take full advantage of the capabilities offered by next-generation communication networks. We also demonstrate that there is no one-size-fits-all solution and that developers must consider the network's capabilities as well as limitations when developing and optimizing their software.


International B2B Software Days 2023