Carinthia sees itself as a "technology-focused federal province with a high quality of life" in the heart of Europe.

With its projects and initiatives, BABEG – the Carinthian Agency for Investment Promotion and Public Shareholding – plays a significant role in establishing Carinthia as a leading location for excellent research, superb technology expertise and outstanding innovative capability with high national and international visibility.  

BABEG addresses issues of development and topics that are of relevance for the future and roots them in the innovation architecture of Carinthia to boost competitive strength in the international environment.

Technology promotion

BABEG launches and promotes projects in the areas of digitalisation, Industry 4.0, research, development and innovation to boost Carinthia's role as a technology and research hub and embed this Austrian Province in national and international networks. 

The interaction of education, research, science and business of BABEG projects is the basis for future innovations. 


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Martina Eckerstorfer

Research, Technology & Innovation
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Michael Russling, MAS

Investment Management
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DI Paul Erian, MAS

Research, Technology & Innovation
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