Many projects in the business settlement


This year, BABEG handled 202 projects with various services in business settlement. Regarding geographical distribution, 35% came from Italy, 23% from Slovenia, 22% from Germany and Austria, and 20% from the rest of the world.

One hundred thirty-two of these projects are in the central area of BABEG's activities. Over half of the projects come from the priority areas of electronics and microelectronics, machinery & plant engineering, information and communications technology, and energy supply & sustainability.

BABEG's services comprise four service packages applied differently to the various projects. The site selection package deals with the evaluation and elaboration of inspecting a future site. The realization package supports adapting a business plan and establishing contacts with the relevant value chains. BABEG's customers get direct connections to the local ecosystem in the site development package. Finally, with the service in the personnel package, BABEG is a door opener to personnel search and affiliated entities that enable a soft landing of the new company.

The business start-up service has not been exhausted yet—currently, a good 20 companies are still served with the network and personnel package.