Slovenia and Carinthia promote cooperation in the fields of science, research, and higher education


The two countries have signed a memorandum of understanding to promote cooperation between researchers, scientists, and academics. Both Carinthia and Slovenia have several innovative research institutions among the world leaders and enjoy international recognition. With the signing of the agreement, both sides commit to the systemic promotion of joint projects to develop future technologies.

Minister Simona Kustec spoke about the research-oriented cross-border initiative. Attention should be paid to information and communication technologies (ICT) in cooperation or accelerating the digitalization of the economy. Governor Peter Kaiser emphasized that scientific cooperation in research and development and digitization and knowledge transfer in Europe are vital factors for our joint positive future outcome.

Technology officer and deputy governor Dr. Schaunig sees a lot of synergy potential for cooperation between institutions in both countries, which complement each other perfectly - especially in future topics such as artificial intelligence or robotics. Peter Volasko, Head of the Science Department at the Slovenian Ministry of Education, said to strengthen existing research relations between Slovenia and Austria. He emphasized the innovative development in the Alps-Adriatic macroregion.

Within the framework of this initiative, we will actively participate in the organization of events and the mediation of relevant interlocutors. Through the active connection from the entities, the emerging initiatives and joint projects will contribute to the development of the Alps-Adriatic region.

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