New endowment professorship for Klagenfurt: Industry 4.0: adaptive and networked production systems


The Alpen Adria University in Klagenfurt and Graz University of Technology are the first two Austrian universities to have established the future topic of Industry 4.0 as part of a professorship, operating at the interface between artificial intelligence, operations research and production management. Research staff are being taken on at both sites.

The new endowment professorship in ‘Industry 4.0: adaptive and networked production systems’ is a core feature in developing a research and teaching centre for Industry 4.0 in the south of Austria. Renowned research groups are already working on the topic of ‘new production technologies’ both in Carinthia in the area around the Alpen Adria University and in Styria around the Graz University of Technology. The endowment professorship aims to further develop the strengths of both universities in the field of autonomous, adaptive and networked production systems and to collaborate closely with relevant research groups in Klagenfurt and Graz. In addition to promoting research projects in Industry 4.0, the purpose of the joint endowment professorship is to draw on university education in the fields of production, logistics, robotics, planning, configuration, diagnosis, analytics and optimisation.

The benefactors
The project will receive substantial funding from sponsors in the financial sector. The following companies are involved: cms electronics gmbh, Constantia Industries AG, FunderMax GmbH, Hirsch Armbänder GmbH, incubed IT GmbH, Infineon Technologies Austria AG, Isovolta AG, Kostwein Holding GmbH and Privatstiftung Kärntner Sparkasse. The Carinthian Economic Development Fund (KWF) is also on board and has contributed a considerable sum.

Working with the world of finance, these two universities are providing valuable incentives for the Carinthia – Styria region, developing top level research and supporting companies in both devising solutions to complex problems and increasing productivity, quality and flexibility.

Photo credit: (c) aau/Christina Supanz
Source: Press release from the Alpen Adria University Klagenfurt, 12.01.2018