Review | Carinthia as country for R&D @ Laibach | Slovenia


BABEG together with the Austrian Business Agency and the Initiative "Forschungsplatz Österreich" and the business newspaper FINANCIA from Slovenia held a business come-together on Thursday, 22 October, to present the activities of Carinthia in terms of research and innovation.

The invitation in cooperation with Slovenia's biggest business newspaper FINANCIA was a first. The aim was to introduce Slovene entrepreneurs and investors to the varied possibilities for research, innovation and development in Austria/Carinthia. Some 50 entrepreneurs from Slovenia followed the invitation to the Sloan City Hotel in Ljubljana.

The event with the focus on research and innovation was hosted by FINANCIA editor-in-chief Peter FRANKL. Dr. Peter HASSLACHER, Director of Advantage Austria Ljubljana welcomed the participants; Marion BIBER, ABA Director for Southern Europe, and Jernej Dvoršak, BABEG Investment Consulting BABEG | Invest in Carinthia, presented an overview of the options available in Austria and Carinthia.

The next speaker was Heimo MÜLLER from CTR – Carinthian Tech Research who presented the fields of research of CTR and the possibilities they hold in store for cooperation with companies. Mag. Petra LAHOFER from BDO Consulting introduced the participants to financing and funding options for R&D projects. The last item on the agenda were reports from Marko Lotrič (CEO Lotrič Metrology) and Gašper Čehovin (COO Parsek) about their successful expansions to Carinthia and Vienna.

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