"Lighthouses" for resilient cities 2040


BABEG follows its goal within its RTI strategy to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly projects and be a proactive part of them. The know-how built up within the framework of projects is also to be made available to other cities in Carinthia. A knowledge transfer between the respective project and other potential redesigns in public space towards a greener urban design should occur.

Implementing the mobility concept of the provincial capital Klagenfurt am Wörthersee with an intensification of the bus frequency and long-term conversion to an emission-free electric bus fleet and the renovation of an existing building on-site requires a redesign of the central mobility node, the Heiligengeistplatz.

The square, located in the center of the city, will be adapted to the challenges of climate change and made climate-friendly in the redesign. Seepage-capable surfaces, green spaces based on the sponge city principle, and roof and facade greening will ensure an increase in the quality of Klagenfurt's city center. Results from citizen participation processes are incorporated into the planning of the square.

BABEG is part of the consortium together with:

- Municipality of Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Department of Climate and Environmental Protection

- KMG Klagenfurt Mobil GmbH


- WLA Winkler Landscape Architecture

The project was submitted to the FFG within "Lighthouses for Resilient Cities 2040" framework.