"Innovator of the Year" award for technology hub Carinthia


Carinthia wins "Innovator of the Year" award 2019Carinthia wins "Innovator of the Year" award 2019Carinthia wins "Innovator of the Year" award 2019
The German online magazine "Die Deutsche Wirtschaft" awarded Austria's southernmost province the title "Innovator of the Year 2019" for its efforts in positioning itself as a technology hub and innovation space.

Award for innovation

The “Innovator of the Year” business award was presented for the third time this year. Organised by the German online business magazine “Die Deutsche Wirtschaft”, the prize recognises innovative achievements in management, technology, digitalisation, products and consulting. From global market leaders to start-up companies, from regions to one-person businesses – anyone is eligible. This year’s special prize of honour was awarded to the longest serving heavyweight world champion boxer and successful entrepreneur, Dr. Vladimir Klitschko.

Innovation and encouragement

Michael Oelmann, publisher and founder of DDW opened the ceremony and welcomed more than 300 guests to the Dusseldorf Business Club that represented outstanding businesses and impressive innovations. "Today is not only about celebrating shining examples of successful innovation, we also intend to encourage people in leveraging all of this innovative power that we so urgently need today in all areas of business and in companies of any size", Oelmann said.

Carinthia - Innovator of the Year 2019

The Province of Carinthia - represented by "BABEG Kärntner Betriebsansiedlungs- und Beteiligungs GmbH" – was awarded the title “Innovator of the Year 2019” in the region/location category. It received the distinction for its efforts in positioning Austria's southernmost Province as a "technology region and innovation area".

Carinthia's Technology Officer and Vice-Governor Dr. Gaby Schaunig was thrilled about the award. "It is an honour to receive a German business award for our efforts to position Carinthia as a technology location; this prize shows that our efforts are also recognized beyond Carinthia's borders", Vice-Governor Dr. Schaunig said.

Carinthia the technology hub in the heart of Europe

"With our participation in this contest we wish to raise awareness in Germany about Carinthia as a place of business. We also wanted to increase Carinthia's visibility as an innovative and technology hub in the heart of Europe. We applied for the prize because we wanted to demonstrate that Carinthia has many assets to offer German companies", the Managing Director of BABEG, Mag. Markus Hornböck, said at the award ceremony.

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Carinthia wins "Innovator of the Year" award 2019Carinthia wins "Innovator of the Year" award 2019Carinthia wins "Innovator of the Year" award 2019