Review | German Cluster visits Carinthia


German cluster manager Sascha Stöppelkamp of the Bavarian Information Communication Technology Cluster (BICCnet) visited Carinthia to find out more about the unique advantages of Carinthia as a business location and its technology parks in Klagenfurt and Villach on a fact-finding mission from 16 to 17 April 2019.

The objective of the BICCnet cluster is to secure the growth of information and communication technology in Bavaria. The focus areas of the Bavarian cluster are innovative technologies and areas including digitisation, block chain, data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and smart systems for smart cities.

Mr. Stöppelkamp visited the Lakeside Science & Technology Park in Klagenfurt, the research facility of Joanneum Research (Robotics Institute), Klagenfurt University, company Dynatrace, and the High Tech Campus in Villach including the Silicon Alps Cluster, the Carinthian University of Applied Sciences, the research facilities Silicon Austria Labs and Carinthian Tech Research. During his visit, Mr. Stöppelkamp was provided comprehensive information and gained broad insight into Carinthia and its success as a technology and business location in the fields of information and communication technologies.

The aim of the visit was to establish future networks and cooperation schemes and to seize the opportunity to present the business space Carinthia in the framework of a future cluster event in Bavaria. Great interest was shown on both sides, and Mr. Stöppelkamp's visit created added value for all stakeholders.

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