Carinthia Further Expands the Villach Research Hub for Microelectronics


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Carinthian Tech Research (CTR) invests 4.5 million Euro in a clean room for research into microsensors and system integration. The Province of Carinthia is supporting this investment in high-tech equipment.

Villach, 25th January 2017 - The CTR Carinthian Tech Research ranks among Austria’s largest applied research centres for smart sensors and system integration. In close cooperation with the industry, over 70 researchers are in the process of developing minute microsensors, power electronics components and their packaging. The new centrepiece of this research is the recently built clean room in Villach which is designed especially for research into microchips and their integration into existing systems. The clean room area stretches over 300 m². To date, the CTR has spent approx. 2.5 million Euro on its construction and initial equipment. Now another two million euros will be invested in state-of-the-art devices for this clean room. The new funding is provided by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and is intended to further strengthen Austria‘s microelectronics hub in Villach, according to an announcement at a press conference today.

Smart products and processes are based on smart sensors and their integration into the system. This integration into the system starts right from the components and sub systems level and requires special production processes in the cleanest of conditions, since the smallest impurities might ruin the entire sensor system. The CTR has two clean rooms in total, which are classified as ISO class 5 and ISO class 8, meaning that they offer the best possible conditions for research with their installed ventilation and air conditioning system; their media supply system; their measurement, control and regulation technology; as well as their adjoining supply rooms. Investments are being made in high-tech equipment to produce test structures and analyse their characterisation on the chip level on the one hand and to allow for special packaging and 3D printing processes on the other. This special-purpose equipment will help the research team to develop and analyse different components, production technologies, material combinations and their interaction. Developing prototypes facilitates the smart integration into a functional overall system.

CTR clean room – facts & figures:

  • Total clean room surface for research purposes: 300 m² (EN ISO 14644-1)
  • Clean room classifications: ISO class 5 and ISO class 8
  • Research focus:
    microsystem technologies
    test structures, semiconductor processes
    housing and heterogeneous integration technologies
    3D printing technologies
  • Applications: smart production, Internet of Things, medical engineering, Industry 4.0, environmental and mobility solutions
  • Total investment: 4.5 million Euro
  • Equipment funding from the Province of Carinthia and the ERDF:
    approx. 2 million Euro

Using this state-of-the-art equipment in the clean rooms tiny, smart microelectronic components and parts are produced and integrated into applications. The results might improve our daily lives in the future – in cars, mobile phones, medical technology, household appliances or processes in production, sensors for the food industry, mechanical engineering, environmental and energy technologies. In these areas the evolving systems integration is a vital driver of innovation.

Even now the CTR’s expert knowledge as a research partner is widely sought after by regional, national and international players alike. Further investment in cutting-edge technologies will make research and development cooperations ever more interesting for industry partners. The CTR is able to support companies and research partners thanks to its know-how and state-of-the-art equipment, promoting innovative projects effectively.


[Translate to English:] CTR Reinraumforschung
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