Ready for the Southside Founders Battle?


Carinthia's business and industry need you! Do you have an innovative business idea or product? Then the Southside Founders Battle is just right for you!

On March 11, 2022, the Southside Founders Battle will occur for the first time, ONLINE.

You will gain insights into the business world from leading speakers and visionaries, participate in workshops during the supporting program and listen to the speakers during their presentations.

All founders or people who want to launch cool and innovative ideas can participate. Technologies or new business models can be submitted and already developed products or prototypes, which are still in development.

At the Southside Founders Battle 2022, there is a fantastic program for the battle participants, and external visitors get their money's worth. At the so-called sessions and workshops, you can be inspired by top-class entrepreneurs, speakers, and successful innovators.

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