BABEG Climate Week


From 11 to 14 October, 200 companies set an example for climate protection and we were among them. The aim of this week was to involve all BABEG employees in climate protection, to define new solutions, to jointly implement reduction measures and to raise awareness for climate protection.

The Climate Week was accompanied by Glacier, , an international team of climate, product and community experts. But they are also entrepreneurs, students, parents and nature enthusiasts. They are united by the desire to leave a liveable planet for future generations and to take action against the climate crisis. They are convinced that there are people in every company with a passion for climate protection who can get the ball rolling. Glacier calls them Climate Rangers. And when many Climate Rangers put their heads together, they achieve great things.

BABEG organised the Climate Week with several challenges that had to be mastered or in a playful way with a quiz. The employees were able to learn a lot and were also encouraged to think about how to counteract the climate crisis and climate change.

Some precautions have already been taken, such as a ban on food waste in everyday office life and the creation of a place for daily food sharing. Furthermore, BABEG will use less paper and separate waste properly. 


We hope that this action will set an example for entrepreneurs and that we can continue to play an active role in combating climate change.