Technology Parks in Carinthia

Lakeside Science & Technology Park
»One and One is Eleven«

Together we are stronger.
That’s why you will find the German sentence ‘Eins und Eins ist Elf’ [one and one is eleven] at the Lakeside Park.

Science and technology parks in Carinthia are specialisation hubs. The companies situated at the Lakeside Science & Technology Park love the short routes to just about anywhere, the great infrastructure, interesting neighbourhoods and efficiency. Even the management is efficient since the Lakeside Science & Technology Park in Klagenfurt and the HighTech Campus Villach are managed by the same team.

The »Lakeside Park 2.0« and the establishment of an »educational lab« are two more visible developments in the Park.

Mathematics, IT, natural sciences and engineering

The »educational lab« is an open research laboratory for new methods of education and training. Here organisations, initiatives and projects come together that are developing, testing and implementing new teaching and learning methods in the areas of mathematics, IT, natural sciences and engineering, research and development, entrepreneurship and internationalism – cultures and languages – all on the basis of research into specific educational formats. The educational lab aims to get people interested in science and research, to encourage them to be creative, discover their inner inventor and inspire them to try something new – according to Maria Mack, the manager of the Park.

The educational lab is already located in the »NAWIMix«. The natural science-themed teaching garden for teachers and students by the University College of Teacher Education in Carinthia was officially launched in November 2016.

Companies in the science & technology park

In general, the focal areas of the companies operating in the Lakeside Park can be grouped as follows: 

  • Information systems
  • Mobility and transport
  • Environment and energy
  • Engineering
  • E-business
  • E-health
  • E-marketing
  • E-media
  • Consulting and services


Research Laboratories & Further Education Institutions


Founding year: 2002 in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee 

Employees: 15+1

Building space: 34,000 m2

Premises: 246,000 m2 

Companies in the park: 64

Park employees: approx. 1,100

Occupancy rate: 87 percent

BABEG's share: 66,67 percent