Research & Development

Carinthian Tech Research
»Starting point for innovation«

The »Carinthian Tech Research AG, CTR« participates in contract research, for which it uses its vast industry and research partner network – both in Austria and abroad.

With the establishment of the »Austrian Smart Systems Integration Research Center«, the Carinthian Tech Research AG was recognised as an Austrian Centre of Excellence (COMET K1) in 2015.

Being part of the COMET K1 means that research projects lasting seven years will be funded by the Republic of Austria.

Intelligent sensoric

It’s never the sensors themselves, but the environment that makes sensors look smart. To make progress in micro- and nanotechnology better networks, sensors, algorithms and measuring devices are a necessity. One of the areas of research of the Carinthian Tech Research AG is spectroscopy and analysis. For the latter, there is a close cooperation with the Wood Carinthian Competence Center in St. Veit an der Glan.

The Challenge

Developing systems solutions: from sensor elements to modules and systems.

Key Research Areas

Micro manufacturing and nanotechnology

Key Words

microelectronics based systems | molecular imaging | optical design and applied optics | photonic, magnetic, acoustic MEMs | wireless, bio and printed sensors | heterogenic integration techniques | photonic systems | smart systems | feasibility studies | concepts and design | rapid prototyping


Laser laboratory
Optical laboratory
Application laboratory
Chemistry laboratory
Prototype laboratory
Research clean room divided in ISO class 5 and ISO class 8


Founding year: 1997  

Location: »High Tech Campus Villach«, Villach (since 2014)  

Employees: 83 (of which 24 are PhD students)

BABEG's share: 70 percent